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We have spent a long time nurturing the desire and ambition to recover our former position, to attain what so many of us have sought after for so long - to return the Barcelona Royal Artistic Circle to its deserved splendour; something which, really, should never have even been dulled ...
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Josep Fèlix Bentz. Photo Carles Balsells. © RCAB


Born in Barcelona on the 3rd of May 1965, he has a degree in Art History from the University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Geography and History (1983-1988), and is specialised in paper restoration from the Diputación de Barcelona’s School of Arts and Trades (1991) He completed a Master’s degree at Barcelona Autonomous University with the grade of Excellent (1990-1991), and in 2003 he gained a diploma issued by the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Department of Economy and Finance that accredits him as an Expert Appraiser specialised in artworks. He completed his doctoral thesis on the life, works and times of the Catalan artist Joan Abelló i Prat, directed by Dr. Lourdes Cirlot.

He is an advisor for several international foundations and museums, as well as a member of the International Association of Art Critics, of the Distinguished Official College of Doctors and Graduates in Philosophy, Sciences and Letters in Catalonia, and is also a member of the Technical Group of the Professional Association Conservators-Restorers in Catalonia.

Josep Fèlix Bentz is currently President of the Barcelona Royal Artistic Circle-Barcelona Institute of Arts, and has been since 2009.