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Exhibition DÜRER: Master of the Renaissance. RCAB Exhibition rooms


The Reial Cercle Artístic, in its relentless effort to consolidate itself as an institution with great recognition and close social bond, as a reference in our country's cultural panorama, has the will to continue providing society with the best of artistic knowledge by collaborating closely with other institutions, foundations and national and international organisations and developing strategies that allow us to gain even greater prestige by providing access to extraordinary artistic collections such as the recently closed Albrecht Dürer exhibition.

This has meant a turning point, which has been reflected in the media, and thanks to whose fantastic influence, the Reial Cercle Artístic has made a great leap forward in fulfilling our intentions. An exhibition that has opted for the Cercle as a space equipped and prepared for this leap forward in prestige and reputation. Now we must not lower our standards, and we will work hard to continue growing.

Because our institution does not stick to a particular discipline and a local artistic project —which seems to be the mission of other public cultural organisations in our country— but rather it is much more extensive, given that our basic vocation as an institution is to disseminate, leading to culturally enriching society. And we therefore consider it very important to continue working in this line, so that we can also become the home of top-flight international exhibitions, as otherwise it would be difficult for the general public to visit them and simultaneously appreciate and benefit from them.

This type of cultural action and provision will allow us to specify a highly defined identity as a cultural institution of reference in both Barcelona and Spain, along with the many others with whom we share ideals. The pursuit of excellence must continue to shape our path, because only in this way will we expand the scope —and with it also the importance — of our international presence, something of the utmost importance to take on new challenges and strengthen ourselves as our objective is, to ensure our longevity and growth.